SBLI  life Insurance Review

by Jim Tobin, CFP® 


SBLI  life Insurance Review

Company Highlights

  • A.M. Best Rating :  A
  •  Competiteve  Pricing of Term Life
  • Best for Healthy Applicants
  • Known for Accelerated Underwriting

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Please note the Life Insurance Help Desk is not in any way affiliated with Savings Bank Life Insurance. This article is our personal review of the term life insurance product offered through SBLI as well as alternatives. If you are looking to contact life Insurance of the SBLI directly, call them at (781) 938-3500. If you are looking for a lost policy try the NAIC policy locator service.

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Expert Review Of  SBLI Life Insurance

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Reviewed by

Jim Tobin, CFP®

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At Life Insurance Help Desk, we value our editorial independence. We keep our reviews strictly factual so you can use them to make informed decisions. Life insurance carriers referred to on this site do not approve reviews. 

Savings Bank Life Insurance

Below, please see the primary points of comparison between life insurance carriers. Note that SBLI is widely known it's accelerated underwriting platform underwriting. 

SBLI Company History

Founded  in 1907, by future Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Louis Brandeis, Savings Bank Life Insurance or SBLI has been growing ever since.

The carrier has become a significant player in the term life insurance market with over 125 Billion of in-force life insurance. Additionally, having evolved into a full services financial company, SBLI manages more than two billion dollars.

SBLI Financial Ratings

More than 110 years since Brandeis founded the company, it's finances are still strong. You can learn more about the financial strength of life insurance carriers here.

SBLI Financial has consistently demonstrated the strength to meet it's ongoing obligations and conduct new business. 

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Banner financial ratings

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SBLI Life Insurance Products

SBLI offers both term and Whole life insurance. Let's take a look.


SBLI offers both level term and annual renewal term. The popular level term is offered in terms of 10,15,20, & 30 years. These policies are convertible to permanent whole life insurance at any time up to age 70 with no exam or other proof of insurability. 

Whole Life Insurance

SBLI is thought to have one of the better "vanilla" whole life policies on the market. SBLI offers whole life policies in three forms continuous pay, limited term, and single premium.

It is difficult to do a thorough review  of SBLI whole life because whole life when done correctly, is tailored to the specific client needs. For this reason it is very difficult to do apples to apples comparisons by carrier.

That said, while whole is more expensive initially than term it does make sense in some situations. The primary benefits to whole life insurance center are:

  • Policy never lapsing
  • Tax deferred  earnings 
  • Tax free death benefit 
  • Growth regardless of volatility
  • Borrow from cash value for any reason 
  • No income limit on funding (as opposed to IRA)

SBLI Life Insurance Riders

The term policies come with three notable rider options, accelerated benefits, child rider, and disability waiver.

The accelerated benefit rider allows for the early distribution of assets if the insured is terminally ill. This rider is cost free.

The child rider allows the  insured to add  a $10000 benefit to children and then convert those policy's to $50000 at age twenty five. There is an additional cost associated with this rider. 

The waiver of premium rider. This rider allows for the waiving of premiums should the insured become disabled and not be able to pay the premiums. There is an additional cost associated with this rider.

SBLI Life Insurance Rates

SBLI Life Insurance tends to be priced competitively with other major carriers. While the SBLI rate is often a few dollars more than the price leader, some feel the accelerated underwriting platform is worth the extra cost.

For instance if SBLI  rates a reasonably healthy 47  year old woman  "standard " and other carriers do the same, the applicant will have to decide if the speed is worth the added expense.




Mo. Pymnt.



Essential 30




OPTerm 30




Level -30




Your Term






SBLI  Underwriting Highlights

Unlike many of the carriers that the Life Insurance Help Desk has reviewed in the past, SBLI does not jump out for being particularly generous in underwriting any specific medical conditions.

The niche that SBLI has had recently is speed. SBLI is able to accelerate underwriting of policies for up to $500000. While the industry is catching up quickly, this has been a strong point for SBLI. It is worth noting that these policies are best for folks in very good health, as SBLI will request an attending a physician's statement if  they are concerned.    

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SBLI Exam Options

Known for it's accelerated underwriting platform, SBLI only requires an exam if the applicant is over age 65 or the applicant's underlying health will not allow for an accelerated approach.

SBLI  Customer Service

SBLI's NAIC complaint index score in 2018 was 1.56, or slightly above the industry average. In 2018 they received a total of 11 complaints out of a customer base of over 500,000. 

SBLI is currently rated A+  by the Better Business Bureau. 

SBLI  Contact Information


1 Linscott Road

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone:(781) 938-3500



SBLI is a solid carrier that is worth looking at in many cases. That said, the truth is that in most cases there will be a better priced option.  Being that SBLI is not known to be particularly lenient for any specific conditions, the applicant must way if accelerated underwriting is worth an extra few dollars a month. 

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