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Hi, I'm Jim Tobin the founder and lead agent for the Life Insurance Help Desk. This site is meant to be a full service resource for people shopping for life insurance. You are able to research most issues, simply contact us and ask a question, receive instant quotes and submit an application.

independent We are aware that you have many choices when shopping for life insurance, and we think that you will do well to use the services of an independent agency  like the Life Insurance Help Desk. This is particularly true if you have a pre-existing health condition.

So Called "captive" agents that work for only one carrier are limited in the help they can provide. With only one choice, your application will be submitted to that company whether it's a good fit or not. Independent agents have the ability to send your file to the carrier that sees your unique situation in the best possible light.  This better option will be reflected in better pricing  and better terms for you.

Jim Tobin

Certified Financial Planner

Contrary to the what advertising may lead you to believe, going "direct to the carrier" will not lower the cost of your life insurance.

Life insurance rates are approved by the Department of Insurance at the state level.

Eliminating the agent from the buying process increases profits for the carrier, but does not provide the consumer any savings.​

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Jim Tobin and the Life Insurance Help Desk saved me almost $100 a month by switching my 20 year term life insurance policy from one of the mutual companies that advertises on television all the time. The previous carrier had rated my health lower than the nationally known company that Jim submitted my application to, and to my pleasant surprise, he was right.  I couldn't be  happier with the service received or the final result.



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Rates and time taken to qualify and purchase a life insurance policy vary by product and underwriting requirements.

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