20 Frequently Asked Questions

By James Tobin, CFP ®



Below are brief  answers to 20 of the most common questions asked about life insurance.  For more in-depth  discussion of the question follow the links  provided in the answers. if you need help you can always call the Life Insurance Help Desk.

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20 Questions

What Types Of Life Insurance Are There? 

How Much Life Insurance do I need?

how Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

what is The Application Process

Do I need to take an Exam

How Long Will Underwriting take?

Will My Driving History matter?

What About SCUBA Diving or Other Risky Activities?

how Long do I Need to Quit Smoking to be a "non-smoker"?

What are the best Life Insurance Carriers?

What are policy riders?

Do all policies have living benefits?

Is there a cost break if I pay annually?

How long before a beneficiary is paid out?

Can I change the beneficiary?

Can I sell or gift the policy?

Is there any cash accumulation in  the policy?

Should I just bundle my life insurance with my home and auto?

Why should I use an independent broker?

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Should you have questions that need answers, we are here to help. Please contact us at the Life insurance Help Desk or call  (203) 424-1100.

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