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     * Ask about No- Exam options.


Take Your Medical Exam - about 15 minutes at home or work. Next, simply the Await Underwriting Results from the carrier.          


Once approved, Review  and Accept your policy delivery with electronic signatures. Your done, it's time to celebrate the Money You Saved. 

 Hi, I’m Jim Tobin, the founder and lead agent of  the Life Insurance Help Desk. I’d like to thank you for visiting our site to shop for life insurance. Doing so provides you with a distinct advantage over dealing with “captive” agents who have a financial incentive to get you insured with their "home" company regardless of  the terms.

The advantages of shopping independently, are particularly strong in the case of a pre- existing health condition. In such cases it is worthwhile to ask questions and understand which carrier will look most favorably on your personal situation. Please use this site as a resource and don’t hesitate to call with questions or Contact Us.

Jim Tobin

Certified Financial Planner

Life Insurance Pricing: Know The  Law

Contrary to the what advertising may lead you to believe, going "direct to the carrier" will not lower the cost of your life insurance.

Life insurance rates are approved by the Department of Insurance at the state level.

Eliminating the agent from the buying process increases profits for the carrier, but does not provide the consumer any savings. Get the Life Insurance Buying Guide and get the best deal available.

Get The Life Insurance Buying Guide and See​ How To​ Protect You​r Family For Less

Jerry Gallagher

Milford, CT

"Jim Tobin and the Life insurance Help Desk saved me nearly $100 a month on my policy. I already had coverage in place with one of the big name mutual companies, but that policy was unfairly "rated up" for a blip on my health screen. Jim  was able to get me better terms at a much better price. I highly recommend the Life insurance Help desk."

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