The Serenity of Knowing...

Compare Accurate
Life Insurance Rates
In Just Seconds

The Serenity of Knowing...

Compare Accurate
Life Insurance Rates
In Just Seconds

Life insurance help Desk

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Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In
Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In

* These quotes are based on applicant           taking a medical exam.

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Banner Life Insurance Reviews

Rates from Top Carriers You Know & Trust

Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In

Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, that's why it's important that you get the guidance of an expert with 50+  "A" rated carriers to choose from.

In addition to the benefits of competition, an independent broker like the Life Insurance Help Desk, has the  ability to  to send your policy to the carrier most likely to view your situation in the best light. Best yet, you can compare accurate life insurance rates in just seconds! 

If your health is less than perfect, the carrier you choose will have as much influence on your final offer as the listed rates. The life insurance companies all have different appetites for specific health risks. Therefore it's important to choose the  company that is right for you. We will be happy to assist you in finding the best offer!

Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In

How The  Life Insurance Process works From Start to Finish

why Use The Life Insurance Help Desk?

Industry Expertise with Total Transparency

With a lead agent who is a Certified Financial Planner experienced in difficult underwriting scenario's, The Life Insurance Help Desk is not your everyday Agency.

Beyond doing a good job for the client, the Life Insurance Help Desk practices a philosophy of radical transparency. We will show you all the rates and if our recommendation is not the lowest price we will explain our rationale. We will even disclose and  explain to you how compensation works if you desire. 

Service that is referable

Because we rely on referrals for our business, we understand that the best way to get referrals is to be referable. That is,  we strive to do so good a job at handling everything in the process that referring the Life Insurance Help Desk will be "top of mind" whenever the subject of life insurance comes up.

While there are some issues, like the timeliness of doctor's sending medical rerecords to carriers, that we cant control, we do our best to make sure the process is as smooth and painless as possible.

Does  Life Insurance Approve Existing Health Conditions? 

 Life Insurance carriers will entertain applications from people with all sorts of health impairments. Approval, and the health class approved at, will be determined by your complete health and lifestyle profile. The insurer's underwriting group will investigate any prescriptions you have been written, medical records from your physician, the results from a  paramedical exam, your motor vehicle records and your financial condition. Read more about navigating preexisting health conditions

Conditions we help insure

what products Does The Life Insurance Help Desk Recommend?


The primary focus of the Life Insurance Help Desk is affordable term insurance. Term products are traditionally offered in 10,15,20 & 30 year terms. However, in most cases, we can provide options as short as one year and for up to 40 years. 

Term life insurance is an affordable and straight forward product with a specific period of coverage. In addition to being easy to understand, it may also offer a privilege to convert to permanent coverage without proof of insurability. This conversion option can be of significant value in the case of deteriorating health. 

Term products also may offer optional riders such as a children's rider, waiver of premium, and accelerated death benefits or so called "living benefits". Note that each carrier has specific contractual offerings that differ from carrier to carrier.  

Guaranteed Universal Life

Guaranteed Universal Life is a hybrid product that works to make permanent coverage more affordable. Traditional universal life  insurance is complicated  with many moving parts and is steeped in controversy caused by unrealistic cash build up assumptions. These products have a place in the market but are not the focus of the Life Insurance Help Desk.  

Guaranteed universal life limits the cash build up as a goal and offers a policy that allows you to rest easy knowing your coverage concerns are taken care of up to the age chosen or for life. All you have to do is make sure the premium gets paid and the policy will never lapse. Additionally, you may be able to  "short pay" the policy if you choose , so that the policy is "paid up" and no longer a concern.

No Exam

Several carriers have entered the no-exam market and bothe term and guaranteed universal life insurance are available with no exam. The availability is all carrier specific with different rules for each company. Generally speaking, most carrier will now go to $500,000 of coverage with no exam and several will go to 1MM. That being said, your age and health will determine eligibility.    

The advantages of no exam underwriting are speed and convenience. most applications submitted with no exam will be underwritten in a week or less. This NOT the case with fully underwritten applications. The best part is that many carriers will charge no additional premium for this convenience.

Just be aware that underwriting will still do a thorough investigation of your prescription history, medical records, motor vehicle records and any public financial matters such as bankruptcy.   

what are The Financial ratings of Approved Carriers?

While we are willing to make exceptions if need be, the Life insurance Help Desk prefers to stick to carriers who are rated A or better from the major ratings agencies.  We provide financial rating information on all the carriers we recommend. Simply check the review of the carrier you are interested in or click here.

Below is an example of the financial information we provide on our recommended carriers.

Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In


Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In


Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In


Banner Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Legal & General. Legal & General  is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.  With 1.3 million U.S. customers, $734 Billion  of in force coverage, over $5 Billion in assets, Legal & General is a major force in the life insurance market. Banner is sold in 49 states and is sold under subsidiary William Penn in the state of New York. 

What is The Best Life Insurance carrier?

For some things like customer service or product offerings, it's not too difficult to make comparisons. However, in many cases, the answer is that it truly depends on the individual application. While this is not the narrow answer that you may be looking for, it is the reality. 

Because different carriers have different appetites for the risks that they want to cover, and these appetites are expressed by the health rating they assign you,  it will depend on your health and any specific health condition you face. For these reasons, this site has compared both pricing and condition specific underwriting for several top carriers.

Click Carrier to see a review

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Banner Life Insurance Reviews
Banner Life Insurance Reviews
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Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In
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Compare Accurate Life Insurance Rates In
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How Do I apply for a Life Insurance Policy?

The application process can be both complicated and simple. The most difficult part is deciding terms and budget as discussed above. If you have already decided on the mount of insurance you would like to apply for and the length of term, then the actual application is easy.

You simply use the quote tool and you will be contacted shortly thereafter and the application information is gathered over the telephone and you are sent a secure link for a digital signature.

 The application is submitted electronically and you are contacted by the exam company for a paramedical exam (unless you have opted for a no exam policy). You will be updated throughout the underwriting process and notified once a decision on your application has been made.

Why Should I use an independent Agent to Apply?

Now that you know that carriers will determine their offer not only on your condition but on their willingness to cover that condition, I hope you are seeing the value in an experienced independent life insurance agency.   

You may, however, be weighing that benefit against the perceived savings of "going direct" to a carrier and saving the commission that would be paid to the agent. It makes logical sense, and insurance company advertising misleadingly hint at this, but insurance law isn't always logical.  The fact is that the rate is exactly the same with or without an independent agent. 

You read that correctly. Life insurance rates are approved at the state level by the Department of Insurance and rates are the same whether sold direct or through an agent. The carrier reaps the benefit and the applicant loses out on experienced advice for no gain. Don't be fooled and don't miss the opportunity for quality help at no added cost.

Reviews of This Service

James treated me like a real person and not just a number to process. In my experience, this is in stark contrast to other agencies dealing with insurance.

He followed up immediately from day 1 of my first inquiry. He was fully knowledgeable about how to navigate the waters of qualifying for life insurance.

His customer service was the best I have EVER experienced. But most importantly he treated my application with respect and compassion.

I would recommend his services to anyone regardless of their background or health history. James you are the best! 

Kathrine Clark

Jim  Tobin and  the Life Insurance Help Desk saved me almost $100 a month by switching my 20 year term life insurance policy from one of the mutual companies that advertises on television all the time.

The previous carrier had rated my health lower than the nationally known company that Jim submitted my application to, and to my pleasant surprise, he was right.  I couldn't be  happier with the service received or the final result.

Gerald Gallagher

Milford, CT

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